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Gel seat cushion

Coccyx seat cushion made of 100% premium quality and high-density memory foam with Ergonomically designed provide your back the much-desired support while sitting, the support received from seat cushions take away a lot of load from tailbones, reducing pressure on tailbone, also helps reduce the pain from tailbone injuries, hemorrhoids, pregnancy back pain, sciatica and other bad back spinal problem.

Weight500 kg
Dimensions26 × 2 × 15 cm

Black, Blue, customized


45.5*36* 6/ 7 cm


Velvet, short plush, Crystal super soft fabric, Mesh, Gel, Ice fiber


Memory foam, Cotton


Logo, Packaging, Fabric color, Graphic

Details about Gel seat cushion

(Last Updated On: September 15, 2021)


Velboa fabric memory foam adult comfort car chair hemorrhoid coccyx orthopedic Gel  seat pillow cushion
Item No.C-001NJDimensions 45.5*36* 6/ 7 cm
Foam Density50 kg/m³WeightInterior820-850 grams
Covered900 grams
Outer CoveringVelboa(100% Polyester)+anti-slip bottom
Filling100% Premium Quality Memory Foam+ Gel pad
 Fabric ColorPer the requirement
SoftnessMedium Light
ApplicationHelping drivers prevent from back and tailbone pain, Great for travelers and desk-bound workers as well.
  1. High-density memory cell foam was originally developed to relieve G-force strain during lift off.
  2. Temperature- and pressure-sensitive, it molds to the body’s contour, offering optimal comfort.
  3. Dissipates pressure while conforming to body contours.
  4. Leather-like bottom cover reduces movement on chair.

Product function:

  1. Soft field buffer area let hips maintain full flexibility.
  2. U-shaped design fully breathable, can effectively prevent hemorrhoids.
  3. Draw hips slightly raised on both sides, draw hips, tightly wrapped.
  4. Former W shape fit the body curve.

Ergonomic design provides medically proven support and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx / tailbone with the U-shaped cut out and promotes healthy posture. Supports recovery from lower back problems, sciatica pain, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, pregnancy back pain, hip pain, hemorrhoids and other spinal issues. Improves blood circulation and helps prevent lower back pain, especially for people who sit a lot.

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