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Our conventional products are available in stock for a long time, with various sizes of abrasives and short production cycle.

Bed Pillow

Memory foam and Polyeste fillings

Pregnant and Baby Pillow

Cutomize shapes and fabrics

Seat and back Cushion

Customize seat and back cushion

Introducing our All-New Collection

Elevate your comfort with our range of premium products, including memory foam pillows for optimal neck support, shredded memory foam pillows for adjustable comfort, specialized maternity and nursing pillows for expectant and new mothers, and ergonomically designed car seat cushions for enhanced driving comfort. Our products blend quality, functionality, and comfort, ensuring a superior experience for every user. Transform your daily routine with our innovative comfort solutions.


Built with science, made for sleep.

Experience unparalleled quality with our products, where exceptional craftsmanship meets innovative design. Our memory foam pillows, maternity and nursing pillows, and car seat cushions are crafted with premium materials for lasting durability. Each product is meticulously designed for optimal comfort and support, ensuring a superior experience in every use. Trust in our commitment to excellence and discover the difference that high-quality, thoughtfully engineered comfort solutions can make in your daily life.


Meet Our Hot Products

Our products stand out with their bespoke fabrics and packaging, readily available stock, and swift delivery, ensuring a unique, quick, and hassle-free experience for every customer.

Sleeping Series

Pillow, Mattress

Medical Series

Pillow, Mattress,cushion

Office Series

Seat Cushion, U pillow,Back Cushion

Outdoor Series

Seat Cushion, Back Cushion

Why You Choose Us


We have hundreds of memory foam products shapes,Choose your shape or let us design one.


We have various finished types such as woven logo tag sewing on the cover,Embroidery, hot stamping etc.


Free design for your products packaging


We are able to adapt to any quests in a reactive way by offering you four products packaged solutions.


What People Says?

Our clients consistently express high satisfaction with our exceptional services and quality products, reflecting our commitment to excellence and customer delight.


You’ve been a great partner of ours and we hope you undestand our need for additional flexibility during this most unusual time.


As we really appreciate your service and your very good quality of customize and memory foam products.

Dariush Bavarsad

Over the last three years,it is obvious Ms.Yu is extremely helpful, professional and effortless to work with.

Kim Tchebotar

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