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Baby Nursing Wedge Pillow

Solve the problem of baby spitting milk:

Suitable anti-spit milk angle, by raising the height slightly, prevent the baby from spitting milk and milk, gently lifting the height, helping the baby’s stomach to fully absorb the mother’s milk, breathing more smoothly.

Suitable slope: The baby’s stomach is moderately curved, which prevents the backflow of gastric juice and doesn’t cause discomfort to the baby.

Scientific slope design: doesn’t hurt the spine, the baby is healthy.

Weight500 kg
Dimensions26 × 2 × 15 cm

Red, Brown, customized




Velvet, short plush, Crystal super soft fabric, Mesh, Gel, Ice fiber


Memory foam, Cotton


Logo, Packaging, Fabric color, Graphic

Details about Baby Nursing Wedge Pillow

(Last Updated On: September 28, 2021)
product nameBaby Nursing Memory Foam Baby Sleeping Wedge Pillow Infant Sleep Pillow with Removal Waterproof Cotton Cover
Filling100%Memory Foam
FabricCrystal super soft
Payment DetailsT/T
PackingDefault opp bag packaging, gift boxes and cartons can be customized
Sampleone day

Avoid worrying about your mother’s troubles and free your hands. Sleeping this mother praises it well and brings good sleep to the baby.

Lying on your side and lying on your back will help your baby to fight on their own.
After the baby is breastfeeding, lay on the right side for 15-30minutes.
It’s good for the baby to take out the excess air in the stomach, relieve the symptoms of spitting milk, and avoid the milk that is triggered after spitting milk!

Let the baby lie back normally after 15-30 minutes:
1.If you’re often easy to suck your baby, it’s recommended to sleep on the left and right sides to avoid breastfeeding.
2.If you fall asleep after eating milk, you can lie back without lying on your side.

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