Foot Rest Cushion

Ergonomic design for relieving foot fatigue and pain. This half-cylinder foot rest cushion is ergonomically designed to evenly disperse pressure, when setting our foot on this soft foam cushion, our leg muscle can be fully relaxed in a comfortable angle. No more numbness and soreness resulting from the direct contact between our sole and the rigid floor.

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 15 cm

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(Last Updated On: September 28, 2021)
Filling  Foam Dimensions 440*300*100 mm or customized
Color Availability Black, Grey, Beige, Brown, Dark Blue or customized
Characteristics 1. Top class cover fabric grants you deluxe foot rest enjoyment;
2. 30D high density foam will tenderly support your feet, release you from exhaustion and pain after long time’s walking;
3. Can be attached with a handle or hook, makes it portable;
4. Can drill a hole in the middle and hold your car keys, glasses within.
Applications Sofa, Chair, Bed rest
 Customization Color & design per Customer’s requirement

90° vertical: Keep the thighs and calves in a vertical position relieve foot soreness.

Pressure reducing: Evenly disperses pressure relaxes muscles.

ELEVATE legs for promoting blood circulation: This foot rest cushion keeps your feet and legs slightly elevated to relieve muscle tension, promote blood circulation, and prevent swelling legs often caused by sedentariness.

Unique slope angle, multi usages: Its natural angle gently suits our feet to provide maximum comfort. When the foot rest cushion is put upside down, it acts as a rocking chair for our foot to provide relaxing elevation for our feet and legs-we can enjoy relaxing foot sports during our tense work.

Weight 500 kg
Dimensions 26 × 21 × 15 cm

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